Mandala Magick

Mandala Magick, the esoteric colouring of mandalas for people of all ages who want to find inner peace and discover the positive loving energy that sleeps inside every sentient being.

Or … you can just doodle along with a freewheeling mind perhaps to discover your hidden artistry and inner harmony but always to have fun.

Send your art to friends as a token of personal healing. Bring some magick into your life and let’s ”heal the world”. Concept and mandalas provided by Roy Hulsbergen.

Suitable for children, adults and the elderly. Get the app Mandala Magick here.

2 thoughts on “Mandala Magick

  1. I just wanted to let you know what an AWESOME job you did on the Mandala coloring app. The pictures are so nice and just a great app as I am an adult that likes to color. I gave you a nice review and would have given you 10 stars if was possible. THANKS so much as I know you have to be a genius to have made something like this. Again, THANKS!!!!

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