Singing and flesh-eating plants in Hortus Botanicus

Flesh-eating plant horror in Hortus Botanicus

Great shows and installations in the Hortus Botanicus during Amsterdam Museum night. My favourite: the tent with the scary-looking flesh-eating plants (photo). And of course the Flora Sonora show by Robin Noorda and Susanne Ohmann, both belonging to artists’ collective Tropism. Star of the show: a singing plant on a crystal pedastal…

This and much more will also be on show during the special Tropism exhibition in the Hortus Botanicus in the summer of 2013. If you can’t wait that long, take a look at the accompanying iPad catalogue, full of incredible artwork and video, and pieces of interesting background information: tropism 12

Scared! to get new screens!

Scared!The popular App for iPad: Scared! is to be updated and to be expanded by another three animated screens. In order to cover the full range of fears experienced by young children we will be adding fear of “darkness”, “fire” and “death”. Please remember that it is fully natural for your child to experience these fears and that Scared! offers you a way to discuss these fears with your child. Showing that other children too experience these fears and offering a fun way to dismiss those fears.