VR multiplayer obstacle course

In collaboration with The VR Room we created a VR multiplayer experience aimed at people new to virtual reality. A simple obstacle course set in an environment to get the most from a first time VR experience, yet with enough of a challenge to make the competition element fun if you want it to be.

VR multiplayer obstacle course

This application is available for licensing through ODDZ. See the product details page for more information.

This 360 video can be played back on any device that supports this feature. In a browser you can move the camera using the mouse.

Redend the game

If you are fond of games like Candy Crush but don’t like those colours that give you dental caries just by looking at them. If you would like a game a little more steam punk. If you would like a design that would have made Jheronimus Bosch proud and if you like the stop-motion animation film Red-end and the Factory Plant then this is the game for you.

In 50 beautifully crafted levels (more to follow in later versions) you battle your way to solve puzzles while you find yourself mired in slices of Pitcher Plant, blocked by bulky iron plates, confined in cast iron cages or pursued by carnivorous plants. You will be limited in the number of moves or the amount of time available.

When you complete a level while achieving the goals set for that level you will be granted a Torscar (the film Oscar in the world of insects). Based on the world depicted by the stop-motion animation film Red-end and the Factory Plant. You will find much imagery from that film in this game.

We hope you enjoy it.

Available now on the Apple App store, the Google Play Store and all Amazon Web Stores.

I am not scared of the dark!

New screen Dark

We have made 2 changes to our iPad app I am not scared! First, it is now no longer called ‘Scared!’, but ‘I am not scared!’ instead. Much more postive approach, we thought. ‘I am not scared!’ gives children and parents or teachers the opportunity to talk about their fears. And children who are able to talk are much more likely to overcome their fears. Hence the new title.

We have also added a new screen: Dark. Being scared of the dark is one of the most common fears among children. That is why ‘I am not scared!’ now features a great drawing of a big and scary dark. If you know which buttons to push, the dark will gradually lift and reveal what was there all along…

Now you can share the Magick!

Mandala Magick with facebook integrationThe latest version 1.3 of Mandala Magick allows you to share your mandalas on facebook. Share them with the world or just your friends. You can also just doodle along with a free-wheeling mind and discover your hidden artistry and harmony. Send your art to friends as a token of personal healing.

Let’s heal the world. Bring some magick into your life and share it! Suitable for children and adults.

To celebrate this occasion the app will be available for a special promo price of only 0.99 usd, or 0.89 euro until  March 30th.

Scared 2.1 with a touch of fire

We have added a new ‘fear’ to iPad app Scared! Scared! is an app that features drawings of the things children are most afraid of. Fear of fire is one of those things. Many children are scared that their house will catch fire while they are asleep. This new screen may help them conquer their fear. It features great animations and sound effects and lets children put out a fire by tapping and swiping. The accompanying story will reassure children that a fire is very unlikely if you take precautions.

Scared! 2.1 is now for sale on the app store for a special promo price of only 0.99 usd, or 0.89 euro until 10 March.

‘Mobile first’ for Trudy Heemskerk Coaching & Training

The first responsive website created bij Oddz is now live: www.trudyheemskerk.nl. The site should provide an optimal user experience on a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors and tablets to mobile phones. The underlying principle in this project has been ‘mobile first’ and ‘progressive enhancement’, creating a basic website optimised for low resolution devices and enhancing it for tablet and desktop monitor.

PC sales are expected to be lower than ever before in 2013 with smartphones and tablets selling in record numbers. Tablet sales alone are predicted to exceed 100 million. This makes it absolutely vital to consider how a website will look when viewed on these devices so for web designers there has never been a better time to focus on this area of web design.

Utrecht in the App Store

Available as of today the latest in the series of interactive photo books made by Oddz on behalf of Roderick Hulsbergen AV Productions. This time it is the wonderful city of Utrecht that has drawn this photographer’s attention. Get the app for your iPad at the App Store.